Pushing Conventional Boundaries

Some probably thought I was too bossy or controlling, but I went for it anyway…

When planning our Block Party, I asked that my neighbors bring an animal-free dish to the potluck. Our neighborhood was profoundly impacted by a climate-caused debris flow last year. It seemed reasonable to honor that fact and do something that positively impacts the health of our planet—ie, eating plants.

Rather than bristle, everyone stepped up! A new neighbor made her very first vegan cookies and chocolate cake, another brought a bunch of delicious salads from our local Merci Montecito café, and one guy even set up his camping stove and grilled 4 different types of plant burgers! All the food was delicious, and it was a fun ice-breaker to boot!

We also made our block party low-waste as everyone brought their own plates, cutlery, napkins, wine glasses, etc. I think we were all surprised and pleased that it could be done!

Despite my worries about being considered too bossy and controlling, the teasing I received was all in good fun and opened the door to have conversations about why our choices make a difference.

If you are planning a work or social event, perhaps you can suggest the food be a positive force for the planet, ie, plants! And maybe it can even be low-waste, too!

I was inspired by the leadership and courage of WeWork, Defaultveg, The Joyful Vegan, and Santa Barbara Vegan.




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