Planted Seeds Sprout

Some friends we met while living in Paris visit their family in Los Angeles every summer and are great about driving up to SB to see us while they are stateside.

Usually, we spend their whole visit catching up on what each of our families have been up to, how they like their current city/country, where they are moving to next (they are still expats exploring the world), what is going on with our children, mutual friends, etc.

This year, however, while the kids were reconnecting in the waves, Lynn and I had a multi-hour discussion about our favorite RRP (Rich Roll Podcast) episodes, how their whole family has cut out beef and reduced consumption of pork, poultry, and dairy. We talked about the vegan movement and how you don’t have to be perfect to still make a huge impact. Lynn has lost 22 pounds since last April, has more energy than she can ever remember having, and just generally feels better.

She was also candid with me about her reasons for still sometimes eating animals which I appreciated. Very often people get defensive and/or go on the offensive on this topic, but we were able to have a deeply satisfying discussion that was honest, non-judgmental, and heartfelt on both sides. She is becoming more and more vegetarian, but is taking it one step at a time.

“Progress, not Perfection” is our mantra here at OneGreenSmoothie. Many people say it’s too hard to become vegan so they don’t do anything because they can’t do everything. We say, “do something!” and that something can be as easy as incorporating one green smoothie into your daily routine. The more you crowd IN plants, the less room and desire you’ll have for animals and their secretions.


Lynn and I packing up after our marathon convo. We probably would have kept on had the wind not picked up and the temps dropped.


She even brought us vegan chocolate!! That was one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts! Truly touched my heart!


Juliette spent the night with us so of course we offered her a green smoothie. Let’s be honest, Linnea is not the most enthusiastic green smoothie drinker. In fact, it’s rare. But she was a good sport since her friend was game for trying one.


And yay, they liked them!

And to think, this all started with with a few seeds planted during this past year. You never know when or if those seeds will germinate and what will grow from them. I’m so proud of and delighted for Lynn and her family and can’t wait to hear more about their progress over the next year until we meet again.

(Update: Lynn just emailed saying she hasn’t had any animal products since our conversation a week ago and feels even more incredible! She even made it to the new Chef Chloe vegan restaurant in Silverlake (Los Angeles area)).

PS Lynn’s sister, Paula, made the visit with them and she was such a good sport about hanging with our single-minded conversation. I’m secretly wondering if any seeds were planted with her. Time will tell and I’ll be sure and keep you posted next summer when they return for their annual visit:).


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